Hey Simpsonizers (; I haven’t been on for 6months. I know, that’s too long. ): Well, I have this Cody Story but I ain’t sure if y’all want me to continue it. I started this 6months ago, do you want me to continue?

Part 2: Meet The New Crew

Cody went back to the studio. He said ‘Hi’ to a few people. And he saw new faces!

Alli: Hey, Cody! Guess what?!

Cody: I’ve got new shoes! *grins*

Alli: Listen to me!

Cody: *laughs* Okay, what is it?

Alli: They’re your new dancers! *points at the group*

Cody: What?! Really? Wow, great!

He says ‘Hi’ to the new crew. They’re called Hi-Stars. He asked them a few things and stuffs. They all got along pretty well.

Cody: So, there is only one girl in your crew?

Spike: Yeah, only Jordy.

Cody: Cool. So let me just… uh… You’re Spike.

Spike: Yep. *smiles*

Cody: You’re Bryan.

Bryan: Yes I am. *smiles*

Cody: You’re Lyle.

Lyle: Yes sir! *laughs*

Cody: Uhh, Dash?

Dash: Yes! *smiles*

Cody: And you are Jordy.

Jordy: That’s right.*smiles*

They just spent the whole day hanging out, doing cool stuffs. Hi-Stars will be on tour with Cody and they’ll be dancing in every show!

Alli: This is gonna be fun! Jordy and I are soooo gonna be bestfriends!

Jordy: Yeah, awesome! *hi-5’s Alli*

Cody: Hah, and we’re gonna have fun, right guys?

The guys answered, “You bet!”

They still wanna chat and all but it was pretty late so they had to go home.

Cody: Bye guys! See you tomorrow.

Angie: Come on Cody, get inside the car.

*Cody gets in. He saw Jordy.* 

Cody: Oh, hi.

Alli: She’s gonna stay with us tonight.

Cody: Oh, great!

Alli: We’re gonna have fun in my room!

Cody: Awesome!

Alli: NO BOYS ALLOWED. *she laughs at Cody’s face*

Cody: Who said I’m joining you two?

Alli: Well, you know you want to.

Cody: No.

Alli: *laughs* YES YOU DO.

Cody: Shut up! Tom and I are gonna have fun tonight!

Tom: Yeah!

Alli: TOM! *looks at Tom*

Tom: Oh….uhm. NO!

Cody: *sighs*

Alli: *laughs*

Cody: Oh, Alli.

And all through-out their ride home, Alli kept on laughing at Cody and Cody kept on sighing. It was 11pm when they got to their home.


He goes down quickly and rushed to the door.

===========End Of Part 2=============

What will happen next? Is this gonna be a good night for Cody or just for the two girls? (; WATCH OUT FOR PART 3!

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Part 1: The Pendant

It’s a sunny day in Los Angeles, California. Cody is walking the streets of LA. He’s wearing a hoodie so that people won’t recognize him. 

He turns right to the shoe store. A girl suddenly comes out from nowhere and bumped Cody. The girl was in a hurry so, she just completely ignored him and ran away.

Cody: *picks up something on the floor* What’s this?

It was a necklace pendant! Cody thought that the girl might have dropped it. He tried to catch her but she was gone.

Cody: Weird. Hmm. *thinks* Letter J? Must’ve been her name. Anyway, I’m keeping this. I know I’ll see her again. Someday… someday.

So Cody then puts the pendant in his pocket and walked off to the shoe store.


On his way back to the studio, where they were practicing for the tour, he remembered the girl who bumped him a while ago.

Cody: She was wearing a blue shirt! *sighs* I wish I saw her face. There are alot of girls wearing blue in LA. *sighs again*

Cody was so bugged that he didn’t realize that a few girls were following him. One of the girls ran up right to his face. 

Cody: *shocked*

Girl: Hi Cody! My name’s Brooklyn.

Cody: *turns around and saw more girls* Oh hi Brooklyn, and company? *smiles*

Taylor: Hello, I’m Taylor.

Shayla: My name’s Shayla.

Tricia: I’m Tricia.

Josie: Hi Cody, I’m Josie.

Max: The name’s Max.

And they all smiled at Cody.

Cody: *hugged all of them* Nice to meet you girls. *smiles*

Max: Can you sign this please?

Cody: Sure. *signs*

Brooklyn: Can we have a picture with you?

Cody: Oh sure. *smiles with the girls*

After a little while, the girls left with a big smile on their faces. It was their best day ever!

Cody went on to the studio. He was still bugged. He can’t forget about that girl.

Cody: J? Hmmm.

=============End of Part1===============

Who could that girl be? When will Cody see her again? Watch out for Part 2 (: